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Support our Law Enforcement

NM House Bill 4 is a direct attack on the men and women that work in Law Enforcement.

House Bill 4 (2021) co-sponsored by Representative Georgene Louis and Speaker Brian Egolf would create a new state cause of action for claims against government that will do nothing to increase accountability of bad actors while consuming precious taxpayer dollars needed to improve services and rendering county law enforcement uninsurable.

· The right to sue law enforcement in state court for violations of the state constitution already exists.

· Providing for uncapped money damages for state constitutional claims will consume dollars needed for essential governmental services.

· Eliminating caps and providing for attorney fees will increase the number of cases filed and the cost of cases already brought under current law.

· Passage of this legislation will make county jails and sheriffs uninsurable.

· Uncapped risk could eliminate small municipal law enforcement agencies and force privatization of detention facilities.

· The defense of qualified immunity is not available under New Mexico law.

I will Vote NO!

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