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  • Government taking away people’s rights.  As an example, Senate Bill 5, otherwise known as the Red Flag Law.  This law clearly violates the right to due process, to confront our accuser, and unreasonable search and seizure of property. 

  • Over the last two years the left side of the aisle has attacked the lives of unborn babies, senior citizens, and Traditional NM industries such as Farming, Ranching, Oil and Gas, Cattle Growers and Dairies.  We need to encourage Traditional NM Values in our government and stop empowering special interest groups.

  • During the last two legislative cycles the left has spent money the state does not have.  Against advice from the oil and gas sector, budgets have been based on inflated oil prices and spending on recurring line items along with it.  Within weeks from the end of session our governor pulled $49.5B from roads to accommodate for this blunder. The state is currently spending in excess of $125M a month over its revenue.  It is time for sensible state economics.

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