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As a family we support Randall Pettigrew's campaign because he has the experience and knowledge in the representative position that he currently has. We are entrepreneurs in this country and our income comes from oil and gas. Randy is a successful businessman who perfectly understands the needs we have, in addition to the fact that he is originally from New Mexico and has a good understanding of the situation and history in the state. We share the same values, we believe in the family, in God and we don't want communism to come to our house, our country. We need someone to represent us in the state with the ability to negotiate and stop the bills that affect our region. Thank you Randy for your dedication and work throughout this time to defend the interests of the people you represent.



I am honored to endorse Rep. Randall Pettigrew's re-election bid for State Representative District 61. Rep. Randall Pettigrew was one of my first bosses after high school. He modeled a tireless work ethic and the value of core principles to me. Randall was someone to look up to and respect as he showed me how to work hard and become a respectable young adult. His honest and hopeful insight into our community's problems and needs and his willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public's questions and concerns set him apart from the other candidates. He has our community values at heart, which shows in his voting record.  



My name is Dwain Haynes and I serve as the Superintendent for the Eunice Public School District. I tender this letter to endorse the re-election Randall Pettigrew for State Representative District 61. I have worked with Representative Pettigrew for two years and have found his concern and legislative work for children's education admirable. Representative Pettigrew has demonstrated time-and-again a strong and steady voice for our schools. When the question of local control became an issue for School Boards, Randy fought hard to ensure our voices were heard loud and clear. He argued that our elected school board members do have a voice and they are quite capable of operating our schools, even during dire times such as the COVID-19


In addition, Representative Pettigrew was a strong voice against the ideology referred to as Critical Race Theory (CRT). He co-sponsored legislation to prohibit the teaching of questionable CRT curricular components in Public Schools. Finally, Randy has demonstrated a consistent understanding and willingness to support the issues that are critical to our schools, whether it is Early Childhood programs or legislation that affects Kindergarten thru 12th grade education. I believe that Randy will continue to tirelessly fight for our schools and our children as he has clearly demonstrated during the past several years.



"As the senior Republican on the House Judiciary Committee and retired law enforcement, I proudly endorse Representative Randall Pettigrew.  Representative Pettigrew has proven to be a valued ally in the battle against the progressive left as they continue to attack our 2nd Amendment rights and the rights of the innocent in New Mexico.  His passion for protecting law enforcement and defending the rights of his constituents is a testament to his constitutional conservative faith-based beliefs."  



"Randall Pettigrew has consistently voted and acted in the best interest of southeastern New Mexico and held the line supporting law enforcement. I encourage folks to vote to keep him serving us.  I endorse Randall Pettigrew.



"I’ve known Representative Pettigrew to be a strong conservative voice in Santa Fe. In his first term he has successfully blocked bills that would let murderers out early and he single handily blocked one of the worst gun bills I have seen in my ten years in the NM Senate. As the number one Liberty Senator in the Senate, I need someone in the House to help push back on the progressive job killing agenda. That Person is Randall Pettigrew. He is a true voice for SE New Mexico and our values."


Sheriff Glenn Hamilton.jpeg

“Ask any New Mexican who has had their eyes and ears open for the past two decades, especially those who live in rural or oil producing areas of New Mexico, and they will tell you that our State has been under siege by progressive leftists. Their forced introduction of socialist ideologies within our education system and institutions of higher learning have resulted in the systematic indoctrination and anti-American group-think among the next generation of New Mexico’s residents.  We are in jeopardy of losing the values that hard-working families have struggled to instill within their children and destined to replace them with philosophies of entitlement and government dependence. It is only when outstanding New Mexicans like Representative Randall Pettigrew heed the call to serve on our behalf, that we can reverse this attack upon our beliefs, our culture and our livelihoods. As the Legislative Liaison for the New Mexico Sheriff’s Association, it has been my distinct honor and pleasure to work with Representative Pettigrew in fighting the many anti-law enforcement initiatives that have been introduced in our Statehouse and the fight continues. He has been a strong voice for New Mexico’s men and women in blue and the Citizens of District 61 and continues to place the US Constitution and the Constitution of New Mexico at the top of his priority list. It is without reservation that I offer my full support and official endorsement for his re-election bid to the New Mexico House of Representatives District 61."



"I am honored to endorse Rep. Randall Pettigrew in his re-election bid for State Representative District 61. Rep. Pettigrew is a champion for New Mexicans safety and for the welfare of men and women of law enforcement. I have had the privilege to work alongside Rep. Pettigrew on crime bills and bills supporting law enforcement. He brings us to the table and listens to our needs."



Randy, working in a bi-partisan manner, carried an amendment to the juvenile parole bill that required longer eligibility period prior to parole for cases with consecutive sentences. Extreme liberals opposed this amendment. Randy’s willingness to fight for victims in New Mexico helped stop this extreme legislation. 


His Conservative and Faith-based beliefs are what New Mexico & Lea County needs in Santa Fe!



Our industry, jobs, great State of New Mexico, and nation are under attack.


America’s Oil & Gas Workers need fighters across the country who will not back down to the radical Green New Disaster left and extreme environmentalists.

State Representative Randall Pettigrew is standing strong on his commitment to work for the people of New Mexico. A Lea County engineer himself, Randy understands our oil & gas jobs are vital to New Mexico’s school and road funds. In the New Mexico Legislature, Randall Pettigrew brings people together for sensible policies that promote reliable, affordable oil & gas production and a booming economy that benefits every New Mexican.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and National Advisory Board, I am excited to announce Oil & Gas Workers Association proudly endorses Randall Pettigrew for State Representative and encourages all citizens in New Mexico’s 61st District to support his campaign with your vote.

Our jobs, families, Land of Enchantment, and America’s energy independence depend on it.



  • Donnie & Leslie Hill, Platinum Energy Services

  • Bill Richards, Richard’s Energy Compression

  • David Hicks, TFH

  • Todd Roberson, Trinity Oilfield Services

  • Bobby Shaw, Bobby Shaw Realty

  • Lee & Tammy Roberson, Hobbs Anchor

  • Chris Mills

  • Junior & Cynthia Hernandez, Legendary Services

  • Al & Joy Perry

  • Wade Cavitt, Lobo Nut & Bolt, Cavitt Land & Cattle

  • Mark & Patti Veteto, Me-Tex Oil & Gas

  • Hal & Katie Brunson

  • Bob Allen, Safety Environmental Solutions

  • Dianna Luce, DA 5th Judicial District

  • Lee Potts

  • Rancho Grande, Jimenez Family

  • Brian Robbins, M&R Tire

  • Brian Bearden, P&D Petroleum

  • Phillip & Aetna Bess Berry

  • Scott & Bridgette Curtis, Rice Operating Co.

  • Ken Bromley, Nova Mud

  • Bobby & Tammy Bowen, Farm Bureau

  • Pat Sims, Lone Coyote LLC

  • Bradley & Cammie Bishop

  • Gary & Marsha Schubert, Schubert Construction

  • Finn Smith, Watson Truck & Supply

  • Paula Smith, Bloom Boutique

  • Robbie & Allyson Roberts

  • Scott & Leslie Boldt

  • Wayne & Sara Ballard, Built Concrete

  • Michael & Andrea Cross

  • Bryan & Jessica Cooper

  • Larry Gandy, Gandy Oil Company

  • Leann Gandy, Lovington Schools Superintendent

  • Gene Strickland, Hobbs Schools Superintendent

  • Joe Valencia, MVA Trucking

  • Jim & Holly Mitchell, Chance Materials

  • Dean & Kirestie Jackson

  • Sam Spencer

  • Rodger & Misty Hein

  • Chan Kim

  • Kenny Kim

  • Andreas & Melissa Arreola, Drylands/Arreola Chiropractic

  • David & Frances Shaw

  • Fernando Jimenez, LCSO

  • Wyatt & Tera Duncan

  • Randall & Sandra McCormick

  • Bobby Kimbro

  • Tim Cummins

  • Gregg & Kimmie Fulfer

  • Todd & Pam Randall

  • Barry & Kathi Lovejoy

  • Doug & Andrea McDaniels

  • Jimmie Joe Robinson

  • Ethel Caudill

  • Mary McClure

  • Zach Weiser, Ferguson Construction

  • Robert & Linda Maynard, RNL Trucking

  • Jeremy & Andrea Gonzales

  • John & Rhonda Norris, Norris Cattle Company

  • Pat & Faye McCracken

  • Kenny Kim, Baja Grill

  • Joe Imbraile, Rig Outfitters

  • Jarrod Foster

  • Tate-Branch, Tate Branch Auto Group

  • Betty & Homer Price


New Mexico Business Coalition

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New Mexico Shooting Sports Association

Representative Randall Pettigrew, from Lea County, who represents New Mexico House District 61 has been a steadfast supporter of our Second-Amendment rights in Santa Fe. Serving on the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee, where all anti-gun bill must be heard, Representative Pettigrew has not only voted to protect our rights, he has also shown himself to be skilled debater when defending of our rights. New Mexico Shooting Sports Association thanks Representative Pettigrew for his support of the shooting sports and his hard work to protect the rights of his constituents and all New Mexicans.


Thank Your State Rep. Randall Pettigrew for Leading the Fight Against the Progressive Gun Control Agenda


Dear New Mexico Second Amendment Supporter:

The New Mexico Legislature concluded its 30-day session last week without passing any new gun control legislation!  Progressive lawmakers have failed to enact further restrictions on your rights for two sessions now, thanks to the tireless efforts of pro-Second Amendment lawmakers like your State Rep. Randall Pettigrew (R-Lovington).

Rep. Pettigrew serves as a key member of the House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee.  In that role this session, he worked to defeat legislation that would have made it a FELONY for law-abiding citizens to possess ammunition magazines capable of holding more than 15 rounds.  He also successfully fought to strip language from the governor's omnibus crime bill that would have expanded gun-free zones in the state, and he voted against a measure that would have held gun owners liable for the criminal misuse of their firearms by minors.

Please take a moment to thank Rep. Pettigrew ( for protecting your rights and standing up to the progressive gun control agenda!

Rio Grande Foundation

2021 Session 

Legislator: Strickler, James

Party: R

Chamber: House

District: NM002

Possible: 386

Vote Index: 65.8

Total Score: 122

Legislator: Lord, Stefani

Party: R

Chamber: House

District: NM022

Possible: 386

Vote Index: 64.

Total Score: 109

Legislator: Pettigrew, Randall

Party: R

Chamber: House

District: NM061

Possible: 386

Vote Index: 64.1

Total Score: 109

Rep. Randall Pettigrew (R) who represents Lea County scored a 43 which was good for the 2nd-highest rating of the session.

2022 Session Legislative Scorecard - Rio Grande Foundation


AARPNM thanks the House sponsors who championed removing the state tax on Social Security benefits -- Representatives Cathrynn Brown, Gail Armstrong, Randall Pettigrew, Candie Sweetser and Rebecca Dow. #nmleg







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