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February 21, 2023

Updated: Jan 26

HM 41 – Transfer of “Escuelita” Building

This memorial requests the Rio Arriba County Commissioners to transfer the “Escuelita” building from the county to Juan Bautista Baldez Land Grant-Merced.

This memorial passed the house unanimously. I was absent for the vote meeting with constituents.

HB 145 – NMMI Legislative Scholarship Program

Amends the General Richard T. Knowles Legislative Scholarship criteria by removing the term limit of “not to exceed 4 years” and opens scholarship opportunities nominees from any state legislative district

This bill passed unanimously.

HB 7/a – Reproductive & Gender-Affirming Health Care

HB 7/a would create a prohibition against local pro-life ordinances and force teachers, doctors, and public employees to facilitate elective abortions & transgender procedures, and surgeries for children without parental notification.

Unfortunately, this legislation passed the house 38 - 31. I voted no.

HB 4/a – Voting Rights Protections

HB 4/a would install a permanent mail-in voting system for all elections, establish more dropboxes, and automatic voter registration, legalize ballot harvesting and give voting rights to felons in certain conditions. This bill would create more vulnerabilities in New Mexico's elections.

This legislation passed the house 41 – 26. I voted no.


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