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February 22, 2023

Updated: Jan 26

HB 126 – School Graduation Requirements

This bill reduces the number of unites required for high school graduation from 24 to 22. This requirement would apply to students entering the 9th grade in the year 2024 – 2025 school year.

HB 126 removes Algebra II as a requirement for graduation, replaces the requirement for 7.5 elective units with a requirement for 4 elective units plus two additional units set by local administrators, and eliminates the requirements for an advanced placement, honors, or dual credit course. Additionally, it allows work-based credit and technical education to count as meeting math, science, or elective requirements.

This bill passed the house 64 – 3. I voted yes.

HB 73 – Biomarker Testing Insurance Requirements

To be clear, HB 73 is another unfunded mandate on health insurance companies.

This bill requires Medicaid, commercial health benefits plans, including individual and group health plans subject to the jurisdiction of the New Mexico Office of the Superintendent of Insurance, as well as public employee plans, regulated by the health Care Purchasing Act, to cover biomarker testing.

This bill passed the house on a 51 – 14 vote. I voted no.

HB 368 – Pass-Through Entity Tax Credit

This bill creates a tax credit to replace the income tax exemption on income subject to entity-level tax for owners of pass-through entities that elect to pay and entity-level tax.

The proposed changes in this bill do not alter the amount due but rather who pays and reports the tax and the mechanisms for recognizing excess tax paid in a tax year.

This bill passed the house unanimously.

HB 148 – Early Childhood Department Tribal Agreement

HB 148 would authorize the Early Childhood Education and Care Department (ECEDC) to enter into Intergovernmental Agreements with tribal governments ultimately allowing ECEDC to assist with funding early childhood with the Indian Nation, tribe or pueblo.

This bill passed the house unanimously.

HB 33 – Land Grants as Political Subdivisions

By granting political subdivision status to certain Land Grants to gain the capability to seek both state and federal funding.

This bill passed the house unanimously.

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