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February 27, 2023

Updated: Jan 26

HB 268/CS – Arroyo Hondo Arriba Land Grant

HB 268 includes the Arroyo Hondo Arriba Community Land Grant-Merced within the Land Grants Chapter which governs land grants as political subdivisions of the state.

This bill passed the house. I voted yes.

HB 298/a – Public Project Revolving Fund Approps.

HB 298/a is requesting non-recurring FY2024 appropriations from the Public Project Revolving Fund to the following funds:

  • $3.5M for The Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund

  • $3.7M for The Water and Wastewater Project Grant Fund

  • $5M for the Cultural Affairs Facilities Infrastructure Fund

  • $2M for the Local Government Planning Fund

Funds are for future water/infrastructure projects and federal matching loan programs.

This bill passed the house unanimously.

HB 35 – Free Cultural Services for Foster Families

This bill would expand eligibility for free admission to state museums and parks to youth enrolled in the Fostering Connections Program and children who are in the custody of the Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD). It would also expand provisions to camping passes and fishing licenses to eligible children.

This bill passed the house unanimously.

HB 115 – Psychometrically Sound Home Inspector Exam

HB 115/CS/a defines an approved examination within the Home Inspector Licensing Act. It would require the New Mexico Home Inspection Board (NMHIB) to approve only those exams that are third-party accredited as complying with the prevailing standards.

The bill also allows the board to require passage of New Mexico specific examinations in order for an applicant to obtain a home inspector license.

This bill passed the house unanimously.

HB 255/cs – Employee Leasing Benefit Plans

The committee substitute states that group health plans offered by employee leasing contractors (companies that provide staffing on a project-specific or temporary basis) are Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWA) for the purposes of the insurance code. This substitute also defines small group plans as those with 2 to 50 employees and large group plans are those with more than 50 employees.

This bill passed the house unanimously.

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