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June 8th, 2024

On January 12, 2024, Governor Lujan Grisham issued a 21- point crime package for the 2024 30-day session. Her press release noted that her “crime package” was “without a doubt, the largest and most comprehensive p

ublic safety package in our state’s history”. On April 17, 2024, Governor MLG announced a “Special Session” to confront Crime and Public Safety due to the failure of the legislature to “do our work” and the need to “finish what we started during the 30-day session”. To be clear: It is the progressive left that control the movement of legislation in Santa Fe: 15 of her 21-point crime bills were either 1) Not given a message, 2) Left on House Calendar, 3) Bill never filed, or 4) Not heard in committee. That’s correct, she was mutinied by her own party! On Thursday, May 30, 2024, MLG acknowledged in her presentation, during a commercial real estate development organization meeting in Albuquerque, that her democrat lawmakers are “not on the same page”.


New Mexico is now ranked as the Most Dangerous State in the Nation (US News and World Report). New Mexico has a violent crime rate more than six times greater than that of the least dangerous state in the nation. Property crimes are now three times greater!


The scene has been set! I would like to hear from you! What is important to you? If you were King or Queen, how would you propose to fix the problems related to crime, child protection, and border related public safety.

To complete the survey click here.

I can’t fight the governor without your support. Please donate to me today here.

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