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March 6, 2023

Updated: Mar 8

SB 1/a – Regional Water System Resiliency

Cited as the Regional Water System Resiliency Act, authorizes the creation of regional utility authorities as political subdivisions of the state; these authorities may provide water and wastewater services, road improvements, and renewable energy projects.

There are over 600 water utilities across the state, 300 of which serve less than 100 homes.

According to the bill sponsor, this is an Economic Development & Professionalizes them. The intent is to allow the utilities to merge and grow so that they can hire professional staff in excess of $100k per year.

This bills simple intent is to grow government.

During debate we informed the bill sponsor that regional utilities already have an avenue to merge and provided examples.

Unfortunately, this bill passed the house on a 46 – 22 vote. I voted no. Processes and procedures already exist without growing government.

HB 179/a – Filing of Liens with Property Owner

Creates a duty for the filer of a lien to mail or hand deliver written notice of the claim to the property owner stated in the claim within 15 days of filing the claim with the county clerk, including a copy of the claim for the lien attached to the notice.

This legislation only applies to construction liens. This bill is designed to stop home contractors from being able to file a lien on a home where the owner refuses to pay.

This bill passed the house 42 – 25. I voted no.

HJR 6 – Increase Veteran Property Tax Exemption

Proposes to amend Art. 8, Sec. 5 of the Constitution to increase the property tax exemption for honorably discharged military veterans and their widows and widowers from $4,000 to $10,000, as of 2024, and $10,000 adjusted for inflation beginning annually in 2025.

This is the 5th attempt to pass this legislation for our veterans. Hopefully we get this bill to the ballot this time.

This bill passed the unanimously.

HB 257/aa – Firefighter & Emergency Provider Peer Support Act

Allows any state, local or regional public fire department or agency to create a “peer support program” to help firefighters cope with the emotional stress or trauma that comes with working in that field; outlines a framework of

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