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March 8, 2023

Updated: Jan 26

HB 267 – Restricted License Experts

Abolishes Taxation and Revenue Department’s health standards advisory board which is currently authorized to set physical and mental standards for licensing of drivers and passing on the qualifications of individuals. Instead, the Motor Vehicle Division, when it has cause to believe that a licensed driver or applicant may not be physically, visually or mentally qualified to be licensed, may request a confidential report from a health care provider of the driver’s choice. It may also use advice of experts in setting physical and mental standards.

This bill passed the house unanimously.

HB 11 – Office of Child Advocate Act

Amends the Children’s Code to create an Office of Child Advocate as an administratively attached agency to the Office of the Attorney General that would review issues and complaints regarding CYFD’s services to children and families. Appropriates $500,000 (GF) to the AG for use in FU2025 to create and staff the Office of Child Advocate.

This bill has 5 other companion bills that redefine CYFD with oversight, from within the department. What CYFD is oversight from outside the department.

This bill passed the house 56 – 9. I voted no.

HB 233 – RLD Reorganization

Adds the Boards and Commissions Division and the Information Technology Division to the Regulation and Licensing Department. Requires RLD to employ compliance inspectors to investigate and enforce rules and laws of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division and the Cannabis Control Division; the inspectors have the powers and duties of peace officers.

This bill passed the house 65 – 1. I voted no against growing government.

HB 349 – Nursing Practice Act Changes

Amends the Nursing Practice Act in several ways: alters the membership and duties of the Board of Nursing; increases certain license fees; renames the Diversion Program as the Alternative to Discipline Program; provides for expungement of disciplinary action; allows a licensed person to administer a broader range of anesthetics; delineates candidates for temporary licensure; and limits use of “nurse” title.

This bill passed the house unanimously.

HB 5 – Conduct of Current & Former Public Officials

Makes various changes aimed at ensuring proper conduct within the ranks of current and former legislators and public employees and clarifies certain prohibitions related to that; increases penalties.

This bill passed the house unanimously.

HB 313 – Cannabis Regulation Changes

Makes numerous changes to state cannabis regulation, including allowing a new “cannabis nursery license,” changing the plant count for certain producers, restricting synthetic cannabinoid production, changes to application and renewal fees for certain businesses; also creates a process for investigating complaints and holding hearings for violations of state cannabis law and rules for distributing assets for nonprofit producers re-forming as for-profit ventures; creates an “equity bureau.”

This bill passed the house 42 – 20. I voted no.

HB 250 – Correction of Real Property Recordings

Clarifies that a scrivener’s-error affidavit is meant to correct only minor drafting or clerical errors in a recorded instrument for real property and makes changes to who can file a scrivener’s-error affidavit as well as the acceptable uses of the affidavit. A scrivener’s error affidavit is no longer allowable for an easement.

This bill passed the house unanimously.

HB 381 – Hispanic Education Fund

Creates the Hispanic Education Fund to further the purposes of the Hispanic Education Act and amends the act to authorize members of the Hispanic Education Advisory Committee to receive per diem and mileage at the same rate provided for non-salaried public officers in the Per Diem and Mileage Act, but no further compensation.

This bill passed the house unanimously.

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