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March 9, 2023

Updated: Jan 26

HB 399/cs – 5 Member County Commissioner Boards

Establishes that the Board of County Commissioners of a county with a population greater than 35,000 in the 2020 federal census is to consist of five qualified electors. Also establishes a one-time procedure to redistrict and elect County Commissioners to the newly established five-member County Commission Boards beginning Jan. 1, 2025.

Currently, this process is already defined in our New Mexico Constitution! Article X Section 7 allows, by unanimous vote, for a 3 member commission to adopt and ordinance to go to 5 commissioners. Additionally, a community thru a grassroots effort, may gain signatures for such and ordinance and have it placed on the local ballot.

This bill specifically impacts 3 counties: Rio Arriba, McKinley, and Otero. Both McKinley and Otero County are opposed to this legislation. That said, some residents of Rio Arriba County want this. Unfortunately, they are unwilling to put the grassroots effort in to accomplish this; and Article IV Section 24 prohibits the legislature from imposing a law that impacts the a singular local entity.

The bill sponsor by-passed this important piece of our constitution by working with the Secretary of State’s Office to craft a bill that would impact more than one community and therefore no violate our constitution.

A perfect example of imposing the will of a few on the many.

Unfortunately, this bill passed the house 40 – 28. I voted no.

HB 362 – Nurser Practitioner Emergency Med Direction

This bill adds the definition of certified nurse practitioner, and adds certified nurse practitioners to personnel able to provide medical direction and adds certified nurse practitioners as medical directors to advise and support approved training programs. Certified Nurse Practitioners’ scope of practice is based on their license, accreditation, certification, and education to meet this role.

This bill helps rural communities that have difficulty hiring doctors.

This bill passed the house unanimously.

HB 407/a – Disposition of Deceased Next of Kin

Amends the Public Health Act to provide for disposition of an unclaimed body after due diligence to inform the legal next of kin.

This bill passed the house unanimously.

HB 232/cs – Disclosure of Certain Information

HB 232 amends the inspection of public record act (IPRA) to exempts disclosure of information that could be used compromise critical infrastructure or IT systems.

This bill passed the house 46 – 19. I voted no. I believe this legislation creates a blockade of challenging elections.

HB 141 – Concerns of Police Survivors License Plates

Creates a new license plate designating the family and friends of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty for a fee of $10 to cover the cost of creating the special vanity plate.

This bill passed the house 64 – 3. I voted yes.

HB 446/a – Long term Care Facility Dementia Training

Amends the Long-Term Care Facility Dementia Training Act’s requirements for training for direct care service staff members.

This bill passed the house unanimously.

HB 510 – State Chili Song

Provides that the words and music of "Red or Green"

Ay ay ay ay ay

Ay ay ay ay ay picoso

Ay ay ay ay ay

Ay ay ay ay ay

Ay ay ay ay ay delicioso

Ay ay ay ay ay

Chile verde o chile Colorado

Eso lo quiero saber

La Pregunta mas preguntado

Verde o Colorado?

Red or green?

The most asked New Mexico question

Red or green?

The official New Mexico question

Chile verde tu quieres

Chile verde te dare

Green chile chicken enchilada

Green chile stew - chile relleno

Ah mi me gusta el Colorado

Con menudo y carne adovada

Beef enchilada with an egg on top

Tamales - stuffed sopapillas

You want red chile?

I give you red chile

You want green chile?

I give you green chile

Come to my kitchen

Red or green?

Red or green and the pinto bean

The official New Mexico vegetables

Frijoles con chile Red or green?

Good morning governor

Welcome to Ben and Carmen's café

May I take your order please?

Huevos rancheros?

Red or green?

Julia Roberts - the pretty woman with the Mona Lisa smile

What would you like this morning

Breakfast burrito?

Red or green?

Both - ah the Christmas, que bueno!

Ay ay ay ay ay

Ay ay ay ay ay

Ay ay ay ay ay

Red or green?

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